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We provide a personalised service and work with interior designers or directly with clients to provide fine quality fabrics for use in curtains, blinds and upholstery as well as handmade rugs.


The fabrics include rich silks, satins, velour, velvet, cotton, linen, georgette, a plethora of mixed fabrics in plain, self embossed or patterned designs available in neutral or vibrant colours.


We guarantee use of the finest fabrics at extremely competitive prices with an edge in terms of quality and look for interior designers and/or our clients.  


We have a wide range of look books and samples which can be provided upon request.


We procure fine quality hand crafted rugs made with pure cotton, wool and silk.  We have thousands of rugs in stock, in a plethora of colours and designs, ranging from contemporary to traditional.  Each piece is hand crafted to perfection with the minimum amount of time taken to complete these rugs ranging from 6 months to 1 and in some cases 2 years.  The materials used for productions of these rugs is pure wool, silk and in the case of some of the less expensive carpets, cotton.  We do not use synthetic materials or artificial colours in any rug however reasonable the price may be.  The prices of the carpets take into account, intricacy of design, materials, import duties and insurance.


Fabrics & Handmade Rugs

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